Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A dear internet friend, found out yesterday that her precious dog has cancer.  When I read her status, it made my heart sink, as tho someone was telling me, one of my own critters was sick.  I sent her a message to let her know, I could chat if she wanted.   

I found out, she has been spending the evening doing some research.  Arming herself with knowledge so that she can understand what the vet means, when they go back.  She is also, doing some Reiki on the pooch to aid in the healing process.

I find myself in a position of not knowing what to say.  I even told her that, I didn't know what to say.  I feel helpless, and can't imagine what she must be feeling, at this point as well.  When I hear of stuff like this, I can not help but wonder what I would do, if I wore their shoes.  I could not possibly love my critters anymore if they were actually children.  In a lot of ways, to me, they are actually children. My precious canine is a decade old.  I look at her and see nothing but youth.  Yet at the same time, my logic tells me that she will not be around forever.  It breaks my heart to imagine going on without her.  It also freaks me out, as to what I will do, who I will call on, when the time comes, for me to deal with all this stuff. 

*must stop*

Does anyone following, have any rituals, or candle magick that I can do, to keep the pooch protected?!?!

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