Saturday, September 4, 2010

Card of the day

Tarot cards have always fascinated me.  Every time I would go to a country fair, I was always drawn to the pretty little tent, set up to do readings.  I never went in tho.  Mostly because I found the prices to enter those pretty little tents, rather steep.   That's not to say that I have never had my card read tho.  Over the years, I have had friends, who were learning and I was always eager to be a guinea pig.

A few months ago, I was gifted a set of Tarot Cards, that a pagan friend of mine, was no longer using.  Even before I had the cards in my hot little hands, I was online researching Tarot Cards and what one should do when receiving a deck.   After I hugged the stuffing out of the gifter, I sat in a quiet room, with my new treasure.  I took the time to look at each and every card .  I took in the artwork, the colors, the feel of them. That night I wrapped them in a dark silk scarf and placed them under my pillow.

I had a dream that night, that I was on an adventure.  As with every adventure into the unknown I had a tour guide.  He was dressed in bright clothing, and spoke to me in a soft clear voice.  He told me I was about to embark on a great journey, and would see things I had never seen before.  He told me some of those things would be confusing to me at first, but with patience and an open mind, everything would eventually make sense to me.  When dawn broke through my window, I was surprised and pleased that the cards had spoken to me that quickly.

I have yet to do a reading for someone else, but each morning, after I have fed my critters, and before I have taken in any negativity from emails, music, news or other people, I retrieve  my cards from their resting area, take ten deep soul cleansing breaths, and shuffle as I envision what my day will have in store for me.  I shuffle until I feel the need to stop, and extract a card.  I lay it on it's side at first, to avoid too many upside down cards.  Should any cards leap out of the deck as I am shuffling, I read them as well.

Today, was one of those days, when I had leaping cards.  Both however, spoke of faith, love, trust and understanding.  I found that to be rather interesting.   The card I selected told me that I was on the right path, and that I had made the right decision. Profound words, since recently I have written several people from my life.  It felt good, to get affirmation, that I was correct in doing so.

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