Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The card I selected today, confused me a little bit.  It spoke of being generous, but then feeling a sense of regret sort of, for giving away things. Odd, I don't think I have ever regretted giving away a material possession, to me it is just stuff.  My critters are the most important things in this broom closet, and I sure don't plan on giving them away.  I hope they do not plan on leaving any time soon, either.

Sometimes, the cards make more sense to me, after the day has been completed.  Often times, I will lay in bed at night and get a lightbulb of understanding over my head and an eureka feeling will come over me.  I wonder if today will be one of those days.  We shall have to see.

I am very pleased to have 9 followers now.  I am also very pleased to announce, that I registered at MysticWicks, as one of those followers suggested.

Today, I will likely do more work, on my virtual BOS.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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