Sunday, September 5, 2010

Welcome Earthlings ... I mean Followers :D

It is so very exciting, to log in and see, that there are actually people reading my words. I have been joining some Pagan blog circles and sites, so hopefully more will follow.  After all, it is said, if you build it,they will come.  I am still very much in the construction watch where you step, and pardon the mess.

My card today, was upside down.  I gasp, every time I see an inverted card.  Today's card wasn't at all a bad one to have facing the wrong way, I guess.  It spoke of great frustration, and being up against a brick wall. I try to keep drama out of my life.  So this card could be a good thing.

Geez, I hope I am not bringing drama and frustration on anyone.  Cuz that would be a bad thing.

Today, I think I will spend some time posting some information I have stashed away for my online Book of Shadows. But first....more coffee.

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