Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fluffy Bunny Pagans

This was a comment, that I left in a blog regarding fluffy bunny pagans . . . 

I am still in the fluffy stage. I do not profess for one minute, to know anything, much less anything. I am surprised really, how many people, that have more years of being pagan, that I do, are too, still in the fluffy stage.

Since, I began my path, I have been in search of a mentor, in the city that I reside. My search has brought me knowledge, but not the knowledge that I had hoped it would.

I have yet to encounter a single person, who lives their life, by what I deem to be the only rule what so ever, when it comes to living a pagan path .......... harm none!

In my quest for a mentor, I have experienced nothing but backstabbing, snobbery and drama. Sometimes that backstabbing, snobbery, and drama, has been caused by the very people, that stepped forward to try to mentor me.

I have yet to feel welcome by anyone. I have gone to events, moots and rituals, and sat in the corner, talking to no one, except myself.

In fact, I was injured at one ritual, and not one person has ever come forward to offer assistance since.

I have posted a need for transportation to various out of town things, that are advertised, only to be told there is a no rider policy in the community.

From what I have witnessed, most people that claim to be Pagan, seem to be doing so, merely for shock affect. To me ..... that is far more fluffy bunny pagan, than a beginner reading some books.


  1. Wow... I am SO sorry. I am VERY *fluffy* myself and I have had the polar opposite experience. Granted the group of Pagans that I associate with are very liberal and are so liberal for the exact reasons you mention in your posting. I commend you for not letting it you detour you on your path... you will find someone(s) with your same beliefs... we are EVERYWHERE!
    Blessed Be...

  2. Wow, I'm sorry you've had so much trouble finding a group/mentor. Have you tried an online group, like MysticWicks? They have a section in the forum specifically dedicated to people looking for teachers and mentors.

    I never really though of fluffy being applied to a beginner in the Craft. I always took it to refer to people that read one article or a bit of one book, then declare themselves Wiccan, Pagan, etc. and start walking around wearing all black and giant pentacle bling, claiming that they're related to Morgaine Le Fey, and threatening to cast dark magick spells on people by invoking the Goddess (which they emphasize like everyone should know about her, duh!). Sorry, memories of high school classmates and Buffy coming back to haunt me. :P

  3. @Cyn ... Thank you so very much, for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am astonished that people are reading my words. I am trying to stay true, to what is right for me, and thanks for the encouragement!

    @The Blue Faerie ... That is exactly the sort of people I have encountered. Wearing all black, big blingy pents, and wanting to cast dark circles and use black salts. I thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, and suggesting that group. I will look it up.

    Bright Blessings!

  4. I belong to no coven and associate with few other pagans for this reason. They disappoint me with a lack of apparent faith. It seems very much a thing said for shock value by many people, and it troubles me. :( You know I am so sorry you have encountered such ignorance in your search for the path, it can be hard to deal with such nonsense. :( By the way...fluffy bunnies are adorable :)

  5. @ Corwyn13......I am soooooo glad you found me here! It would be nice if I encountered truly adorable fluffy bunnies! lol