Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hardly worth the paper it's printed on.

 There is an article circling facebook, that is raising a lot of stink.  

I am not at all outraged, for the media using the word witch, in this article.  In my opinion, he pretended to have powers that he did not really have, and was charged accordingly, as far as I can see.  I am however outraged at the number of seemingly intelligent people, that are jumping on the bandwagon, to offer finanacial assists to this crook for his judicial procedings, all stating religious prosecution.

This case, hardly comes close to the burning times, and in my opinion does not deserve the sensationalism that it has gained.  I read the small article and saw  a man that was arrested for fraud.  What I conclude, is this man, stated he was a witch and led people to believe he could therefore twist the fates and make things happen, and charged money for doing just that.

Well surprise surprise ......... that is fraud and the man deserves to be charged for that.  It is absolutely no different than the televangelists that pretended to have the ability to do good, and took millions from believers.

Witches should be outraged by this article!  However,  not because the reported mentioned the word witchcraft in order to sell more papers. Newp! Witches should be outraged that there are people like this man out there giving us a bad name!

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