About Me

Kyleigh Wynn is a Pagan pseudonym, meaning Graceful and Blessed.  I selected this name, as my journey has not been an easy one. I reside in London, Ontario, however, I could reside just about anywhere, as my story is no different, from many I have met. My forty decades on this plane, have been filled with horrific emotional, physical and sexual abuse, at the hands of people that claimed to love me. I could have very easily become a victim, but I have risen above it all, showing the world, you do not have to your past.

I am not at all a stranger to blogging.  My first blog was created in 2002, long before it was cool to put your words online.  This spot, will not be a mirror image of my other blog.  This blogspot will be entirely based upon my Pagan life and the hobbies and interests that guide me on that path.

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