Wednesday, December 1, 2010


For those of you wondering, I did not even come close to 50k in NANOWRIMO.  I might have, if I didn't change my mind part way through, and take on an entirely different direction.

I started writing a fictional story about a wayward wizard.  Then after about a week, I hit a wall and I lost interest in writing completely.  After not writing a single word for about 8 days,  another topic hit me in a dream.  I wrote my fingers off, trying to get the words out, on the second topic, wrote more with that, than I did the other,  but still hit a wall, again.  The second wall, was not a writers block, it was an emotional wall, because the words just got too hard to type.

So, needless to say, I did not complete my NANOWRIMO but hope the few that I was cheering on, did.


  1. I started off awesome and then began a part-time seasonal job and got so out of my routine that I could never seem to find time or the gumption to write! Oh well... there is always next year huh?

  2. A huge congrats for trying though! Really. 50,000 words get's you... well, 1,000 word essays usually covered around 9-10 double-spaced pages... that would be around 500 pages in a month. Holy Daily Oral Language, Batman! :P If you ever do finish your second attempt, I hope we get to read it. :)

  3. @Cyn...Congrats on the job! Yep always next year, and I think I will keep on writing the memoirs bit. I will start and stop when it gets too rough for me. 15k words is too much to put to waste.

    @TheBlueFaerie...I use to enjoy writing essays in school. I liked them more than multi-guess. lol